Replacement of Sand can be very expensive, and used to be the only real option to remove stones/rocks from a sand/dirt arena or pasture. With our machiene we can Save you Thousands of dollars! Typical removal of sand and replace with clean sand on a 20mx60m ring would cost 6,000-10,000. We can do it for a fraction of cost!

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We can remove most rocks from an area 1/2 inch in diameter and larger. Many smaller rocks are also removed in the process. Typically rocks smaller than 1/2" do not pose a risk to horses. Depending on the condition of the ring, depth of footing, and some other virables, we can remove most stones in 1-2 hours (20x60m ring)


Bring old footing back to "life"!
Unable to make a large investment on replacing/rebuilding an old ring? This is the solution for you. Rings that "grow" rocks each year can be serviced each year without "breaking the bank"

*Note: Equipment shown may be different model/options than Arena Stone Removal uses.