Before and After It'll blow your mind.

Arena Before

Note: Shown wet/damp, as the rocks are more visible.


Note: There are still some small rocks. Also the footing is now dry. Rock picking works best when the ground/sand/dirt is as dry as possible.

This is after 3 passes, due to the quantity of rocks

More About the Process

Removes not only rocks, but any other debris that may be in your foot; a bolt or screw off a peice of equipment, garbage droped by someone, etc. Anything 1/2" or larger is easily removed.

Factors Affecting Performace of Stone Removal:

  • Type and Depth of Sand (refers to Soils as well when working on paddocks)
  • Compaction and water content of Sand (works best on lose dry sand)
  • Level of area (area's that are leveled; no track on outside of ring, etc, are easier/quicker to pick)

*Note: Equipment shown may be different model/options than Arena Stone Removal uses.